10 Random Facts – You didn’t hear before

10 Random Facts

Here are the 10 Random Facts

1-5 Random Facts

  1. Pigeons remember human face . when they see you again  they know who you are .

random facts

  1. It is not forbidden to own  a nuclear bomb in the US state of Utah but it is forbidden to use bomb 🙂
  2. Using computer doesn’t harm eyes but it makes eyes tired .
  3. President John F. Kennedy could read four newspapers in twenty minutes.

random facts

4. American airlines made a profit of $ 40,000 in 1987 by removing an olive from breakfast menu .

5. if you put some salt in pineapple  , it will be sweeter .

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  6-10 Random Facts

6. At least 12 newborn babies are given to the wrong family every day in the world .

random facts

7. With the Google Earth  you can navigate around the globe. But 95% of people  just look at their home.

8. The world’s best selling phone is not iPhone . It is Nokia 1100 ( 250 millon )

9. Steve Jobs is Syrian . His father name is Abdulfattah Jandali  and he adopted Steve Jobs .

10. Leonardo  Da Vinci could write and draw in the same time .

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