3 Secret of Smooth Skin – Famous Models do these

The most important 3 secrets of protecting the skin of famous models . You will have smooth skin after follow the rules.

Ways to Have Smooth Skin

1- Water

Drinking water is so helpful to have smooth skin.  As we all know, drinking water has a very important effect on our health. Experts say that drinking water allows us to accelerate our metabolism and lose weight, but they also do not tell us that water plays a very important role for our skin. It is very important that you keep your skin moist so that your skin looks healthy.  If you want to provide this moisture, you need 1.5 – 2 liters of water per day.

Smooth skin


The easiest advice the world’s famous supermodels say about their secrets is to drink more water. If you do not prefer to drink water in your daily life, you can change it to a cup of green tea in the morning to make it easier. Green tea also has anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that protect your skin. Also, if you have a jug on your desk at your office, you can increase the amount of water you drink as you see it during the day.

2- Sleeping

3 Secret of Smooth Skin


Sleeping is not only about concentrating on our day or regulating our hormones, but also the most important moments in the repair of your skin when we are asleep. Make sure you sleep a good night’s sleep. Wash your linens once a week, at high temperatures. Bacteria on the pillowcases may cause allergies and irritation of your skin. Change your house if it’s too old. Try to sleep in a dark room. Because this hormone, which we call melatonin and is very important to us, is only released between 23.00 and 05.00 if you are sleeping in a dark room. Both yourself and your skin are rested with a deep sleep. If you do not want to allocate too much budget for your skin, you can protect your skin by taking care of your sleep.


Cleaning is one of the three most important rules to protect our skin. However, while we are doing the cleaning process, cleaning tools and hard brushes will clean our face more often, but in fact they damage our skin. Try to clean our skin in the most gentle, most sensitive ways because the quick and careless face cleaning makes your skin more lubricious. We all know that you should include moisturizers, serums and facial oils in your daily skin care routine, but it is very important to use the right product for your skin. You should first determine your skin type and the needs of your skin and use it accordingly, selecting the product will delay the aging of your skin and ensure its luster.


3 Secret of Smooth Skin

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