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Here are the Albert Einstein Facts

 10 Albert Einstein Facts for you .

1-5 Albert Einstein Facts

albert einstein facts

  1. Albert Einstein started talking too late . He was talking very slowly until he was 9 years old . His family thought he was an idiot .
  2. Firstly he married Mileva Maric in 1903 . Einstein had a rule  ” Mileva Maric will not talk to him unless he want to . ”
  3. Einstein and Mileva divorced in 1919 but they kept living together . They made a deal .
  • She will be sure his clothes are clean .
  • She will cook 3 different meals.
  • She won’t  enter his bedroom and study room .

4. He did not know how  to swim . He had sailboat  named Tümmler.

5. When Israel was established, it was proposed to Albert Einstein, the first president of the  state. He didn’t agree .

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6-10 Albert Einstein Facts

6. He had forgetfulness . He couldn’t remember dates , names and phone numbers.

7. Secondly  he married Elsa Lowenthal . She was his cousin .

8. Master Yoda, one of the unforgettable characters of the Star Wars series , was inspired by the Albert Einstein’s face filmmakers .

albert einstein facts

9. Albert Einstein died at the age of 76 . His brain was stolen .

albert einstein facts

10. Einstein won the Nobel Prize for his work on photoelectricity . It is not with the famous Theory of Relativity .


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