Gallbladder Problems – Cholecystitis


Gallbladder ; an organ in the lower part of the liver that stores the saliva produced in the liver. Storage of 0.15 liters of bile is possible in the safest. The storage of safran is a secret, but when the gallbladder is removed, the body continues its normal activities. Bile is acidic due to stomach acid coming from the gut. The bile neutralizes the nutrient mixture and kills harmful bacteria. Gall bladder has a big role in digesting fatty foods. The formation of cholesterol deposits inside the biliary sachet causes the formation of stones over time causing the organ to become sick. It is very common for stone formation in biliary stones. These stones are stiff and their size varies between egg size and chickpea size.



There are 3 types of gallbladder. The most common type is the mixed type. Other ballast stone types; cholesterol stones and pigment stones. These stones grow day by day. Sometimes it can be in one piece or sometimes in several pieces. Cholesterol stones can reach up to 1.25 cm in diameter. Biliary obstruction is normal. Pigment stones consist of green pigments. They are numerous and small.

The most important problem of the bile bursa is the inflammation of the bile bursa. This disease is called “cholecystitis“. The symptom of the disease is seen as a severe and persistent pain in the upper right part of the abdominal region. Vomiting and high fever are observed in patients. This disease is most common in people with obesity problems, people over 40 years of age and women who have given birth too much. If the bile duct stones the bile duct, this disease is called “bile colon” in the medical language. Severe pain, sweating with high fever. If you see this indication, you should consult your doctor immediately.

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