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How to get smooth skin

How to get smooth skin ? It is everyone’s desire to have a beautiful and smooth skin. What type of cream should I use ? How should I maintain a skin? These are the questions everyone is asking themselves. First of all you should answer this question What is my skin type? Dry , oily or mixed? Different treatments are applied to each skin type. If you have done wrong care, this is the greatest evil you’ve ever done to yourself.

how to get smooth skin


Skin Types

Dry skin; humidity is very low, dull-looking skin type. If proper moisturizers are not used on the skin and dryness is not taken into consideration, wrinkles can be observed at an early age by this skin type being affected by the sun and wind.

how to get smooth skin


People with dry skin should use moist and creamy moisturizing creams, eye creams, creams suitable for the neck area, moisture masks daily to moisturize the skin sufficiently. Moisturizers containing little oil in summer and higher fat in winter and autumn should be used. Especially on sunny days, sun protectors suitable for dry binders should be used in summer. Avoid products with a high pH rating. Dry skins lose water more quickly. It is necessary to moisturize the skin in a balanced way to protect the skin.

Oily skin; pores open, black spot and acne is a convenient skin type.

how to get smooth skin


For oily skin, alcoholic tonic, makeup removers, peeling creams, masks to reduce porosity should be used to reduce oily and shiny appearance. Proper creams for neck and eye area should not be neglected. Very light oil free moisturizers should be preferred. Those with acne and acne problems should use medical treatments.

Mixed skin; the eyes and cheeks are normal or dry, chin and nose oily. Porous areas are open in oily areas, so blackheads or acne can be seen.

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how to get smooth skin


For mixed skin; cheeks and eye area should be more densely moistened. Creams, milk type cleaners should be used around neck and eyes. In wet weather, there may be acne and oily problems during summer months. Drying around the cheek and eye can be observed in winter months. Moisturizer should be used seasonally.


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