How to Take Care of a Cat ? – Toilet training

How to Take Care of a Cat ?

How to take care of a Cat ? Cat care is an activity that requires rigor. In this article, we are talking about how to care for our cat friends and what to look out for. Here are the tricks of our unique and dynamic friends:


How to Take Care of a Cat

1- First Night

You have a cat, the first thing you need to pay attention to at any age; your home is a strange area for your cat. So do not hurry to introduce your cat to other members of the house, if you have any other animals. Let him/her know himself, set his boundaries. It is enough to show the position of the food box, the bed, and the sandbox. If it is a kitten, you can put a pet bottle or polar blanket filled with hot water next to it for the first night.

2- Danger of First Night

The first thing you need to be aware of on the first day is to keep the doors and windows closed. Your cat will not know the consequences of these dangers since he is not accustomed to his/her new home. In addition, electricity, telephone wiring, grounded pots and flowers to be gutted is also a great danger. We can not know the damages that the plants will bring to this small body when it is chewed. They must be removed from the center. In particular, the lily plant is known as a harmful plant for the cat. He/She should not be at home.

3- Choosing the Best Cat Food

If your cat is adult , you can learn from the place they used before and continue with it. If she/he is a kitten, then development is at the time she needs it most. Previously used food may be inadequate.

Vitamins and minerals must be used for strong special kitten foods. 8-12 week old kittens need 4 times a day, 3-6 month old kittens need 3 times a day, 6 months old then twice a day. Canned foods sold for kittens should not be mixed with dry mash. Canned food that can not be eaten must be thrown away. Also there should always be clean water in a separate container beside the food container.

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One thing that should not be forgotten is that no milk should be given to the puppy. All milk outside the mother’s milk may cause diarrhea and fatal outcomes in kittens.

4- Toilet training

The kitties are extremely clean animals, no fear. Adult kittens know what to do when they see the sandbox. The puppies were given toilet training (if they could stay with the mother for a long time) by their mothers. If you have a motherless cat on the street that you take to your house, take her to the sandbox and mix your fingers with sand a few times. Then leave the municipal sandbasket. Instinctively he will easily understand what to do in a few moments.

How to Take Care of a Cat


The most important and difficult subject here is the small enough cats that can not do the toilet themselves. It is necessary to try to make the toilet with wet cotton in 3-4 hours until it grows big enough to make toilet itself, as the same mother licks the cats. Otherwise, the kitten will not be able to do the toilet and unwanted results will be born.

5- Cat Fur

A proper formula, timely vaccinations and comfortable living conditions will ensure that your kitten’s skin and skin are healthy. A normal cat changes fur twice a year. However, this may be more common in house cat. So regular brushing and collection of dead species and skin will ensure that your kitten has healthy and shiny feathers as well as avoid unnecessary swallowing and bowel obstructions. If you are accustomed to brushing your cat while it is  young you may have prevented it from appealing in the future. Because, unlike what you might think, most cats do not like brushing.

How to Take Care of a Cat


The important thing here is to choose a brush suitable for your feather structure and to continue brushing from the head area to the tail without interruption.

6- Eye Care

Problems such as eye closure and debuffing can be seen, especially in  kittens because they left early in their mother’s. You will have to treat this infection, which normally heals with the licking and cleaning of your mother. Clean the eyes  several times a day with a cotton pad using a serum physiological solution. If not, there is a benefit in showing veterinary medicine. Otherwise, the eyes of the offspring that are closed may result in blindness.

How to Take Care of a Cat


When you pay attention to all these things, your cat will be  very healthy , and more importantly you will have a good playmate. I wish you to have fun together.

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