How to tweet 280 – 280 character period on Twitter

How to tweet 280 ?

Everyone asks ” How to tweet 280 . ”Twitter has expanded the 140-character limit that it has set since its inception. Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, shared the first tweet of 280 characters. Users are looking for an answer on how to get a 280 character tweet. It was stated that the 280 character application will not be valid in Japanese, Chinese and Korean. It was mentioned that the 280 character application on Twitter will not be valid in Japanese, Chinese and Korean. Here is the answer to the question how to tweet 280 characters on Twitter …

 how to tweet 280

let’s tweet with 280 characters

Twitter currently offers a feature for a limited number of users to test this feature, but there is now a way to tweet with 280 characters. You can tweet with 280 characters via TweetDeck via Chrome by downloading the plugin I share below.

Download plugin on chrome  You can send Tweet with 280 characters via Tweetdeck via Chrome

Twitter was working on a long-running character-boosting project, and from now on it has begun to try to tweet 280 characters in some languages .



Twitter has announced that it will start trying to increase the character limit from 140 characters to 280.

The micro blogging site is very difficult to share with 140 characters in some languages, saying that “a small percentage of Japanese singles tweeted at only 0.4 percent has reached 140 characters, but when we look at tweets in English, 140 characters. Many Japanese Tweets are 15 characters, most English is 34. Our researches shows that: The character limit is not a problem for Japanese tweeters, which leads to an annoying experience for most of the people who make the Tweet.

For this reason, Twitter has begun limiting the character to 280 characters, which is a problem in trying to fit a tweet into a language (all languages ​​except Japanese, Korean, and Chinese). This innovation is currently being tested with only a small group.

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