Blog writing – How to write a blog ? How to make money blogging ?

How to write a blog ?

I want to create a blog but I have no idea how to write a blog ? … what should I do? Where should I start ?  How to make money blogging ?

I want to learn how to create a blog in the easiest and understandable way, and if you want to earn money with blog as an additional income, I must say that you are absolutely right place . First we need a blog .

How to write a blog ?


How to write a blog

First, if you have your GMail address, type “blogger” in the search engine and log in with your gmail address and password. If you do not have a GMail address, type “create a gmail account” in the search engine again and get a gmail account. Type your blogger in the search engine and login to your blogger with your username, gmail address and password.


How to write a blog

How to write a blog


In the left corner of the screen that appears, click on the “New Blog” button and type in your first blog description and second your blog name. This will be your 2nd blog post address. Before you open your blog, be sure to consider the name of your blog and the name of your gmail account will be very helpful later on. I want you to know that your work is not over, or even just started, after you’ve created your blog.


How to write a blog


Congraculations ! You have a blog . Now , you are asking that How to make money blogging ? There are many ways to make money from a blog.

Method 1: Google Adsense

The most common of these are google adsense ads. Your blog must be approved by google adsense in order to run Adsense ads in your blog. Once you become an Adsense publisher, you can monetize your clicks by integrating the ad codes you create with Adsense into your site.

Method 2: Affiliate

Let’s say you are writing about book reviews and promotions in your blog. In this case idefix is an opportunity for you.  if you are applying for an idefix sales partnership and your blog is deemed appropriate for this partnership .

it will most likely be appropriate for you to write on books . idefix will create a special link to your blog. You are also creating a sales channel by linking to any word contained in any content you post on this link blog.

In other words, if you introduce a book and you have linked that link to the whole word and you visit the article and click on that link to go to idefix and become a member, you will receive 2% of the total amount of shopping that this visitor made during the year from idefix  is paid to you as a commission.

Method 3 : Content Marketing

It’s possible to earn money from content marketing through content marketing. Even with a single product marketing, it is possible to earn hundreds of pounds. To make money with Content Marketing, your blog needs to be made up of a mass of followers who are loyal, untouched by your travels, creating a serious traffic and traffic. You need to be at some point of a phenomenon.

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