interesting facts about Christmas – You may not know

interesting facts about Christmas ?

There are many interesting facts about Christmas.  I chose interesting unheard 10 facts for you. Here are the interesting Christmas Facts ….

interesting facts about christmas

1-5 interesting facts

1.  Christmas came from the words ” Cristes Maesse ” meaning ” mass of Christ. ”

2.  One million letters are sent to Santa Claus every year from all over the world. Santa Claus’s post adress is ” Hoh oHo, North Pole, Canada. ”

interesting facts about christmas

3. Till 1836 Christmas was forbidden in the USA because it was seen as a part of Pagan Culture.

4. According to Facebook’s analysis, couples were most likely to leave for a week before Christmas.       Warning ! Get along with your partner !

5. Norwegians pay half of their tax in November  so everyone has money to spend on Christmas.

6-10 interesting facts

6.  On Christmas , All ads and alcohol sales  are prohibited in New Zealand.

7. Telling scary ghost stories is an old Christmas Eve tradition.

8. if you want to recycle your Christmas tree , zoos accept donated Christmas trees and use them as       food of animals.

9. The largest Christmas tree is in Rio de Jenario , Brazil . 278 feet tall.

interesting facts about christmas

10. 28 Lego sets are sold every second on Christmas week.



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