interesting facts about serial killers – Most Famous Serial Killers

Today i will tell you about interesting facts about serial killers. Of course all the murders are bad and disgusting but some of them have a distinct effect on the secrets they leave behind. are you ready to recognize serial killers who inspire horrible movies ?

1. Albert Fish 

interesting facts about Albert Fish

interesting facts

Albert Fish, inspired by the Silence of the Lambs, is believed to have committed more than 100 murders. At the same time cannibal (eating human flesh) Fish is the oldest serial killer.

After going through his sexual abuse with his mother and setting his up in his child’s home, his spiritual structure was seriously disturbed, and he began to show a tendency to be mute. He committed his first murder in 1910. He did not kill the small and vulnerable children as victims without torturing, raping, or eating their meat. He took pleasure in suffering and thought that he did it for the sake of “religion”.

At the same time he was doing tributes to himself. he believed that he had been drunk from his sins by drinking his own urine and beating himself with a nailed rod.

Approaching the Budd family in 1928, after earning their trust, Fish took an empty house on the pretext of taking the little girls to Grace Budd’s birthday party. Grabbing Grace’s body, Fish brought some pieces to his hostel and masturbated for nine days before he went out and cooked and eaten them. Later, Fish began to flee, and in 1934, due to his own fault, fell into the hands of police William King, who made it a personal matter to catch him. Budd was arrested for sending letters to the family about how they killed and eaten their daughters.

Although he was convinced at the end of his trial in 1935, he was sentenced to death in an electric chair. When he heard his decision, he said, “I will be happy to taste this great taste I have never tasted.” Albert Fish’s death sentence was executed on January 16, 1936, in the Sing Sing prison on the electric seat.

2.  Aileen Wuornos

interesting facts about Aileen Wuornos

interesting facts

Wuornos, one of the most famous female serial killers in the US, was also a homosexual prostitute. She has killed some people who have sex and tried to hide them in the forest.Although it is known that she killed 7 people, the bodies of 2 people were not found. Her father was guilty of child abuse and went to jail. Her mother gave her to her grandfather and run . When she was 13 yeard old  she was raped. Her grandfather fired out of the home after she gave birth. To stay alive, she stayed in a junk car and started to become a prostitute for money. Eventually she married a 70-year-old man when she was 20 years old, but divorced one month later. First , she didn’t accept that she killed people. She said ” they attacked me.” Just before the death penalty  she said  ” Underneath everything I do is a horrible anger. I have to be executed because if i get out of jail, i kill again. ”

3. Ted Bundy

interesting facts about Ted Bundy

interesting facts

From 1974 to 1978, he killed a large number of young women in various parts of the United States. Unknown to the exact number of his victims, Bundy confessed that he committed more than thirty murders after a decade of denial. Bundy is often considered a premise example of American serial killers. Indeed, the serial killer argument was first put forward to describe it.

Bundy is thought to be a sociopath. Despite the brutal murders he has committed, he is described as a trained, handsome and polite young man. He often beat his victims with a bat, sometimes strangled. It is believed that the many victims were raped , also after death, before their bodies were cut into pieces.

4. Pedro Lopez Monsalve

 interesting facts about Pedro Lopez Monsalve

interesting facts

Known by the nickname “Andes Monster”, the serial killer raped and killed 300 children around South America (Colombia, Peru, Ecuador). Lopez spent at most one month for each of the young girls she murdered and raped in these three countries. The tomb of 53 children killed in 1980 was found by the police.

In an interview in January 1999, he described himself as a “man of the century” and said he had to be released for “good behavior.”

5. H. H. Holmes

interesting facts about H. H. Holmes

interesting facts

Dr.Holmes, known as the first American serial killer to date, was born in 1861. During the World Fair in Chicago, he opened a hotel in Chicago to commited murders of which he fantasizes for long. Despite the 27 murders he confessed , the number of people killed is around 200. He got his many victims from Chicago World Fair.

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