5 Mysterious Events We’ll Probably Never Solve

5 Mysterious Events We’ll Probably Never Solve

i am sure You didn’t hear these mysterious events . Nobody can explain them . Sometimes we hear mysterious events but these are really interesting . Let’s read 5 Mysterious Events

1- Mysterious Corpse: Tamam Shud Event

Mysterious Events

the first from mysterious events

On December 1, 1948, early in the morning, an unidentified corpse was found on the Somerton coast of Adelaide, Australia. Despite the fact that the corpse was found to be in summer, it was quite thick, there were no labels on the clothes , and even though it was located on the beach, the clothes were pretty clean. Autopsy result :  it was understood that he was poisoned with an indeterminate substance. What caused the mystery of the event was a piece of paper written by ” Tamam Shud ” in a secret pocket of the jacket the man wore.

The announcements given to the journalists were the result, the paper was found in the book, and it was learned that a poem by Ömer Hayyam was the last series which means “finished, completed”. The phone number on the back of the book also belonged to a nurse. The nurse said that during the Second World War She gave book to A lieutenant named Alfred . Alfred was found and interestingly it was seen that Taman Shud’s part had not been ripped off in the book where the nurse’s handwriting was on the front page. The secret of this unnamed dead body has been keeping its mystery ever since.


2- An interesting pirate post on television history: Max Headroom event

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the second from mysterious events

On November 22, 1987 in the US, one of the most interesting events in world television history is experienced. At that time, a person wearing a Max Headroom mask, a popular television show character, appears at 21:14 with a sudden interruption of the WGN television broadcast and makes strange moves . This broadcast is interrupted by the television staff after 28 seconds . The second experiment is at 23:15, when it seeps into another television channel’s broadcast. This leak can not be cut off by officers, remains on the screen for 88 seconds, and ends up on its own.

Due to technical considerations such as infiltration into television networks being very difficult and costly, it is stated that a person is unlikely to carry out such an illegal broadcast in a small space, and the perpetrator of the incident can never be revealed.

3- A dead rockstar : Paul is Dead

Mysterious Events

the third from mysterious events

According to The Beatles fans of the famous classical rock group, the group’s bassist Paul McCartney lost his life in a traffic accident in 1966. Not to lose the popularity of the group A person who looks exactly like McCartney is a replacement for the famous music guy.

There are some “proofs” of the advocates and supporters of the claim:

  • Paul McCartney’s physical differences in photographs taken at different times.
  • Cover of the White Album and St. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band shows signs of McCartney’s death.
  • The speech at the end of the song “I’m So Tired” by The Beatles  message “Paul is a dead man, miss him, miss him” (paul dead man, I miss him).

4-Message from inside space: Wow! signal

Mysterious Events

the fourth from mysterious events

In the United States, on August 15, 1977, at Ohio State University, a narrowband radio signal was detected for 72 seconds. The signal fits all the extras that are extraterrestrial, event from outside the solar system. The reason for calling this name is that Dr. Jerry R. Ehman’s sign on the exit of the circle, stating his astonishment, Wow!  The work done to capture the signal again has not been reached, and the source has never been detected.

5- Pilot lost during flight : Frederick Valentich

Mysterious Events

the fifth from mysterious events

A pilot named Frederick Valentich, on 21 October 1978 in Australia, is flying towards a southern island . Suddenly He reports to  air controller  ” There is something on plane  . it is  beaming green, unlike a plane and pretty fast . ” After a short time communication is interrupted.  A cosmic entity that previously emitted green lights in the area increases the mystery of the incident reported by UFO enthusiasts. Though various theses have been put forward about the cause of the pilot’s disappearance, the event has never come to light.

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