AI is God Ex-Google Engineer Creating New Religion

Google engineer established a new religion with artificial intelligence god!

New Religion


Google engineers have found a new religion . The developer of unmanned motorcycles and services like Google Street View, former Google engineer Anthony Lewandowski, founded a religious group called the Way of Future in order to develop a god based on artificial intelligence. The group claimed that they aimed to develop a god based on artificial intelligence in their website, and that this artificial god was in the best interests of mankind.

Deusex Machina described the religion as “the future is here and the beginning of a religion in which the artificial intelligence is seen as a god was a matter of time”. In its founding documents, the Way of the Future aims to “build a god based on artificial intelligence, and to develop and encourage worship with a sense of God that contributes to God’s healing of the community.”

Supreme Robot

According to the US press, the supreme robot the group wants to develop will be programmed so that it can respond to any wishes of belief. This interesting initiative of Anthony Lewandowski was also supported by the Christian-Transhumanist Union, which believed in liberation through advanced technology and established its own church in 2013.

New Religion


Pastor Chaplain Christopher Benech explained that the artificial intelligence could take part in Jesus’ rescuing mission and declare that they will take the initiative and support it.

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