New Snapchat Features – SnapChat has released a new update

New Snapchat Features ?

What are the new Snapchat features ?  SnapChat has released a new update .  Snapchat, which is popular before the Instagram stories, has recently lost blood against Facebook’s clever moves.  Snapchat is drifting towards the bottom due to the slipping of its famous potential in Instagram, and it keeps on standing with the innovations it offers.

new snapchat features


Here are the innovations coming to Snapchat

Now you will be able to watch the story of your friends, send a snap, and hold on to your name for other preferences.  Snapchat button added to the iOS share menu when a different application is open, so you can share photos and video .  The last feature of the update comes with the “Ghost Mode” feature. With this feature, you can turn off location sharing for a certain amount of time.

new snapchat features


Here snapchat update

New snapchat features came to iOS platform . Android users will also have new snapchat features in a short time . To use these beautiful features You need to update Snapchat application from the App Store .

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