Gallbladder Problems – Cholecystitis

Gallbladder Gallbladder ; an organ in the lower part of the liver that stores the saliva produced in the liver. Storage of 0.15 liters of bile is possible in the safest. The storage of safran is a secret, but when the gallbladder is removed, the body continues its normal activities. Bile is acidic due to

AI is God Ex-Google Engineer Creating New Religion

Google engineer established a new religion with artificial intelligence god!   Google engineers have found a new religion . The developer of unmanned motorcycles and services like Google Street View, former Google engineer Anthony Lewandowski, founded a religious group called the Way of Future in order to develop a god based on artificial intelligence. The group claimed that

Lose Weight by eating – Ways to lose weight

How to Lose Weight by eating  ? Of course You can lose weight by eating .  Lose weight is a difficult and laborious process for all of us. It is virtually impossible to exercise regularly for a reason, such as busy work life, time constraints, and healthy nutrition throughout the day.Research shows that fasting diets fail in