Samsung Galaxy S9 and Snapdragon 845 – Snapdragon Facts

Snapdragon 845

The Snapdragon 845, developed by Qualcomm for the top-of-the-line phones from the mobile world’s number one chip designer, will be quite ambitious when it comes to information from the very beginning. According to new information from the industry, the Snapdragon 845 will have a 7nm production process. Given that the Snapdragon 835 has a 10nm production process, Snapdragon 845 is both ahead of the performance in terms of both performance and efficiency. Initial information is that the performance increase will be between 25% and 35%.

Samsung Galaxy Series

Samsung and TMSC have already announced that they are moving to 7nm process in mobile chip production. Both companies are expected to have a say in the production of the Snapdragon 845, but the first phones to use the processor will be the Galaxy S9 series models.

Samsung has already ordered the Snapdragon 845 for Galaxy S9 and S9 +. It can be embargoed again this year.

Snapdragon facts


Samsung and Qualcomm have jointly developed the Snap dragon 835 chipset for the past year. Because of this collaboration, Snap dragon 835 phones were introduced, but Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 + models could be offered for sale after the sale. In 2018, we may encounter something similar.

According to incoming reports; Samsung has also partnered with Qualcomm for the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 +, which will be the 2018 flagship model. It is alleged that Samsung has bought the first parts of the Snap dragon 835  chipset because of this collaboration.

We will probably have an Snap dragon 835 agreement between the two companies and wait for Samsung again for the Snapdragon 845 phones.

Snapdragon facts


It is not known why Samsung does not prefer Exynos processors, which are more capable all over the world. It is said that the biggest reason for two different variations of Exynos and Snap dragon is the slowness of production of Exynos chipsets. Let’s see in the coming years that Samsung will make phones that only have its own processor like Apple?

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