Shocking ! WhatsApp is not secure ! Warning !

WhatsApp is not secure

Whatsapp is not secure guys . In July, WhatsApp announced that it had 1 billion active users per day and that it was protected from curious eyes by using end-to-end encryption. This means that no one, including WhatsApp, can break the code and read the contents of messages sent by subscriptions to the messaging application. Nevertheless, a software engineer named Robert Heaton came up with a security obligation that allows two (2) WhatsApp users to send messages to each other and make sense of it while sleeping.

WhatsApp is not secure


Whatsapp Online

Using WhatsApp’s online status and the latest features, one can allow someone to analyze the figures and get a good idea of a user’s sleep pattern. The most recent settings may allow anyone to access the data, only to see people or not to be seen by everyone. By default, this information is publicly viewable. Online status information can not be concealed or limited in any way.

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