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    Taylor Swift Facts

Here are the Taylor Swift Facts .

taylor swift facts

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  1. Taylor Swift was born on December 13, 1989 in the town of Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. Her mother’s name is Andrea Gardner and her father’s name is Scott Kingsley .
  2. Taylor Swift’s grandmother is an opera singer . At the age of 10, Taylor Swift started singing at various festivals and karaoke competitions in his own town.
  3. When she was 11, she made the demo tape and went to Nashville town to give to record labels, but did not get a result.
  4. Graduated from Hendersonville High School in 2008 . And then she moved into the town of Nashville and started singing in the “The Bluebird Cafe”.
  5. Taylor Swift released her first album “Taylor Swift” . 61,000 units sold in the first week . On May 15, 2007, she performed with the artist Tim McGraw  at the Academy of Country Music Awards.

    6-10 Taylor Swift Facts

  6. In 2008, she released the song “Change” for “AT & T TEAM USA Soundtrack”. In 2006, she won the Best Country Video of the Year award with her song ” Tim McGraw ”.
  7. On February 13, 2007, She attended Jay Leno Show. She went on tour with Faith Hill in 2007.
  8. In 2010 she starred in “Valentine’s Day”. Her character name was ” Felicia . ”
  9. She released  ”Speak now album ” on October 25, 2010 . 1,047,000 units sold in the first week
  10. Her ranked was 69th in wealth with 18 million dollars on the most powerful list of fame in 2009 . In 2011 she was the 7th place in the list .

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