To Have White Teeth – Teeth Whitening Methods

To Have White Teeth – Teeth Whitening Methods

The white teeth ensure that my smile is beautiful. Some of us do not feel comfortable with a smile. Smile by closing  mouth or not opening too much. Some people do not want to show teeth in people or society. We are very frightened when our white teeth are at work meetings, at work, at appointments, or when going to any kind of case. ” Teeth whitening damages the teeth and shortens the life of teeth ” is a false idea spoken among the public. Teeth whitening is an application that does not damage the teeth.

White teeth


What to Do to Have White Teeth

There are 2 types of teeth whitening methods. These are whitening our teeth with methods practiced by a physician and bleaching ourselves at home. These practices made by the dentist may not be suitable for every budget. They are quite expensive methods. The dentist performs the whitening process with the laser and other scraping and cleaning methods in the inspection house. These treatments give the best teeth whitening results. A second application is made 3-5 days after the first application. With this application, you have a permanent tooth whiteness.

Ways to Have White Teeth

The teeth whitening methods that the person himself has made at home; With carbonate, both the teeth are bleached and the bacteria and microorganisms in the mouth are killed. Though not as strong as carbonate, it can be whitened with table salt. Table salt is also an effective solution to improve gum inflammation. A sweet spoonful of carbonate and a pinch of table salt are mixed. A few drops of vinegar are added into this mixture. With this blend you can brush your teeth and gain a white appearance in your teeth. Do these and you will have white teeth . Show your beautiful smile in people .

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